Thursday, April 21, 2011


So, after much contemplation and reading through all your lovely feedback, I can't bear to part with The Laugh Slut. Honestly, I was thinking about going a little more fashion-y and a little less lifestyle-y, but, I love telling all you lovers about my whereabouts and my life happenings, it's almost like, and I've said this many many times before, we're BFFs and I just want to spill my guts to you! It's fun for me and it's fun for you (more so fun for me)! The pish posh fancy smancy fashionesque blog name can wait, I'm simply not ready. Really, it's totally me, not you! Yes, The Laugh Slut is a little immature and sometimes borderline embarrassing to say out loud, but that also pretty much sums up my personality. It's fun, out there, weird, attention-grabbing, and obnoxious, hmm sounds about right to me! I'm learning to embrace this...oh who am I kidding, I love it, I live for it, BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY, YEAH LADY GAGA, YOU PREACH!
Thank you all for your loving support and sorry for the long absence! School is keeping me so preoccupied, there is just so much to do every, single day, bleh! And if I'm not doing work, I'm either writing my articles for Caliber Magazine or working on the BARE Launch Party, or face planting on my bed because I was just too tired to simply sleep in a normal position like a normal person. But, as we all know (and love...right?) I'm anything but normal. Last night, at my friend's birthday dinner, I was kidding around about me being normal...and everyone bursted out into But anyways! life has been all over the place! Busy, but happy to be busy, I'm loving life!

So many AMAZING opportunities have been thrusted upon me, and I'm so stoked for it all! It's amazing to just see what CAN happen, fingers crossed that they actually WILL happen! Keeping a tight lip on it for now, if everything goes according to plan THEN I'll let you guys in on the news!
These boots are my life. They were shipped to me about two weeks ago and they have been on my feet ever since. Even though they gave me blistering blisters and have absolutely no arch support, not like I need much, or any, considering that I'm flat footed like a duck, I LOVE THEM TO PIECES AND PIECES! The fact that they were originally $160 and I snagged them for $30 (including shipping and tax) makes my inner (and outer) asian glee with joy! Gosh I love a good deal, it really gets the blood in my body flowing, I even start to glow! It's basically like pregnancy minus the weight gain, the food cravings, the morning sickness, the bloating, and the baby.
olive military jacket: f21 ($25)
cheetah collared top: buffalos exchange ($8)
zipper leggings: f21 ($5)
dreamcatcher necklace: f21 ($6)
steve madden boots: macys ($160-->$60-->$30!)
men trouser socks: dollar store, holla! ($1)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've been racking my brains around, trying to figure out if renaming my blog would be a good idea or not...and I'm at a complete standstill. Inputs my lovelies? Please help a poor sistaaa soul out yo!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wow it's been a loooonnng time. I promise I didn't forget about you lovelies, quite the contrary. I actually feel guilty for not updating, like you guys are my BFFs and I'm keeping you out of the loop. But I'm not, I swear I'm not, I just haven't found the right words to string into sentences with the right punctuation at the end (shout out to hello goodbye!) I've been kind of in a rut; with both fashion and life. I'm soooo utterly confused as to where my life is headed right now. With my disinterest in my classes, I'm starting to question my major...yet again. Sighhhhh, give me a sign, please I beg of thee! SOMEONE, ANYONE, I N S P I R E M E, INSPIRE THE CRAP OUT OF ME!
On a more pleasant note, the weather has been ridiculously amazing. My favorite part of the day is my sun-soaked hazy dazy hour long lunch where I get to enjoy the sunlight and listen to my ipod while tuning out the world. It's lush, just lush. It's calming, peaceful and relaxing; just the pick me up I need after my stats lab, bleh!
Now onto a funny note, way back in December when I had my 20 minute orgasm at the Triple Ho Show with Enrique Iglesias, I was actually interviewed, more like ambushed, by a NYTimes Magazine journalist who's writing a piece on one of the performers, Miranda Cosgrove. Well, to sum it up, I sound like a complete and utter bitch. And not only that, but I sound like a complete and utter bitch that's incredibly obsessed with Enrique. Oy. Oh well, I only said the truth, if that makes me bitchy than call me Bitchy McBitchface then! If you're interested, you can read all about my manic rant HERE (or skip to page 5).
Look at me! I'm in a maxi! Crazy right? I look so incredible short in these shots, like I'm swimming in a sea of cotton, but I swear I look at least a couple millimeters taller in person! While the weather is heating up, the wind doesn't stop a-blowing here in Berkeley, ever. So I felt like this was a good way to balance it out (and because my jeans are judging my muffin top...which makes me want to eat muffins...I want muffin now). But, it's okay because I'd rather be in this weather than the Sahara Desert! HA! or the Antarctic!
Sorry to cut this short, we'll have a recap sess soon, pinky promise! Got to run off to finalize a couple details for BARE'S DIY EVENT + TRUNK SHOW that is happening this Friday! If you're from the bay, PLEASE stop by! It's going to be AMAZING! And I'll get to see all your pretty faces as well, what a double win!
Dig my messy messy ridiculously messy room? Yeah, neither do I. BUT, to give myself some credit, I did manage to clean my room AFTER I took these pictures. So HA, I'm not THAT bad...okay I am but taking 10 minutes to find my shower shoes at 7AM is NOT OKAY. NO.
sweater: f21 ($20)
maxi dress: f21 ($13)
bow belt: taiwan
brown wedges: tj maxx ($20)