Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is it. The last of my LA adventures, the end of the hoopla, the finale. TA DA! Let's begin.
Three girls, in LA, what to do, what to do?! We couldn't think of a better use of a day than to visit the holy bench that the amazing buttocks of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoe Deschanel (among with a million of other die hard romantic's) have graced. I gladly smothered my own ass all over the bench to soak up all and any essence of the two that is still left on the bench. Not going to lie, I died a little on the inside. Died in a good way, my heart swooned all over the place. I promise, nee, I SWEAR I'm not a stalker....I SWEAR!
A little photo sess later, we needed a caffeine fix to prep us for the little drive back and to warm us up because the sun in LA never came up that day and left us with nothing but wind. Little did we know that everything in downtown LA closes by 5PM. UHM WHAT?! Confused? Indeed. But we eventually found a cute little organic coffee shop by UCLA that had delicious desserts that flavor-danced all over my tongue. Yummmmmm!
vintage wallpaper-esque flowy top: H&M ($9)
vintage brown belt: thrifted ($5)
brown "explorer" skirt: taiwan ($3)
grey knee highs: target ($1)
mocassins: crossroads ($12)
chandelier-like necklace: f21 ($8)
vintage coach satchel: thrifted ($15)
The next day, our final day in LA, I HAD to make time to go to the Melrose Trading Post and I'm SOOO Happy I did! Let me just say, vintage heaven, OH DEAR LORD! Within 5 seconds of walking in we spotted a Rumi Neely look-a-like! I found gorgeous vintage items from leather bags to shabby chic furniture to leather boots! Everyone, boys and girls, there dressed amazingly well, I couldn't help but oogle and stare and drool (just a little). Sigh, I left my heart there and I need to return and retrieve it ASAP!
And that was it, the end of my six day trip in LA. I'm already starting to plan my next trip down!
photo cred for some photos: My bestie, Laura.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Day 2 and 3 of my trip down south, south as in LA not hell, or worse...Texas. The humidity does not like me nor do I like it. But anyways! After hitting up beautiful Newport Beach, we turned the car around and drove up and landed ourselves in downtown LA. My friend's roommate took us to this observatory that overlooks the whole city and the Hollywood sign (bucket list #54: hike up to the Hollywood sign). It was sooo breathtaking!
Being the city girl at heart that I've ALWAYS been and will always be, I treasure and love ANY point that overlooks ANY city; It so easily just takes my breath away and I feel so alive seeing the car lights and the buildings light up the darkness, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I can't wait until I finally move into a busy bustling city like I've always imagined for myself. Bye bye cows and sheeps and hello endless traffic and obnoxious honking at 3AM. I am so ready, BRING IT OWN! I'll love it all, I promise!
The next morning we took a little drive down to Ventura to meet up with my roommate who took us to Santa Monica Pier. Very much like Santa Cruz, we quickly started walking towards Venice Beach, which I enjoyed a lot more. A lot lot more. Okay, I loved it! Like a bigger, awesomer, even a more so LEGEN-wait for it-DARY version of our own little Telegraph, I was GAGA for literally anything and everything. Knowing me and how easily amused I am, my friends herded me down the street where I simply had to stop at every stall and oogle at everything that was out for display.
The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the cash was dwindling. and the time was ticking, so we made our way back to the car to begin the trek back.

On a side note, I'm currently sitting in Zanzibar, a coffee shop in Berkeley, and, naturally, after 4 hours of reading my social history book, I stretched out my arms as wide as I can. Naturally, being my embarrassing self, I would hit the HUGE canvas painting that would not be completely nailed down and I would knock half of it off of its nail and it would HANG off the wall. Oh me oh my, I can't even say I'm surprised. Welcome to my embarrassing life.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


After the dreary fuss that was finals, hectic move outs and sad goodbyes, a well deserved break from reality was exactly what I needed to gather myself before the eminent doom that is Berkeley summer session. So what could be better than a trip down south the west coast to visit the people I miss the most? Well, maybe a trip to Europe or Belize or Bali, BUT I'm broke and only have a week off and I'M BROKE, so a drive down to LA would have to do.
The first stop was Newport Beach. MAN is that place beyond BEAUTIFUL?! Seriously, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to actually live there. Albeit it is a quaint little town, nevertheless the beautiful ocean surrounding is definitely something I could get used to. The beach has always been a favorite of mine. I love the way it smells, the way it sounds, and the way it can always calm me like nothing else in the world is able to do; it's pure magic and nothing but.
OHH, AWW, OHH! The houses there were just AMAZING! I am an architecture-junkie (or so I'd like to think) and the houses were so unique and different from anything in the bay. There were contemporary, modern, brick, European, old-school, southern, beachy, and so much more! I was in eye candy overload to tell you the truth, I was OOHING and AWWING at HOUSES. Not boys, or anything of that sort but houses. Typical me.
I love traveling and being a tourist and doing all things embarrassing, isn't it a fun thing to do? It's a speciality of mine, I'm freakin' awesome at being an embarrassment! It's pretty much encoded into my DNA, I can't wait to pass these amazing genes on, let's populate a world full of awkward embarassing kids, YEAH! Anyone down? Let's start a new tribe.
I had the best time driving around from Laguna Beach to Irvine to Corona del Mar, it was all just so beautiful! My eyes were kind of overwhelmed by the simple beauty that these towns provided. While there was not much to do there, the simple fact that the beach is merely 3 steps away changes the whole feel of the town. See, it is all about the little things in life.

leopard top: thrifted
light denim shirt: thrifted
tights: f21
socks: target
Steve Madden leather boots: Macys
leather Coach satchel: thrifted

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's been a while. Let's bring it back.
1. I'm not wearing pants right now. Scandalous, I know! Not really since I'm cuddled underneath sheets and heaps of blankets!

2. I am no longer a baby bear! My freshmen year at Cal ended this morning at 11. I'm growing up, scary thought bro!

3. I've been on a constant 90's pop mood lately; hello Aaron Carter, J Lo (from the block), Hilary Duff, Bewitched, S CLUB 7, A*teens, old school Britney Spears, Xtina, and so much more! Oh, it really is the best music to study to...okay, I tend to end up singing like a loon in the middle of a stone quiet library getting glared at by angry studiers...SO WORTH IT.


5. Haven't slept yet, pulled an almost all nighter studying for my stats final so I'm about to PTFO ASAP FYI (I'm also a lover of text talk because I think it sounds silly!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi Ma Ma. I know you're never going to read this but I want the world to know just exactly what you mean to me. We've been through so much in the last eighteen years; we've fought (A LOT), we've said things we didn't mean (A LOT), we've done things we wish we hadn't (A LOT), but in the end you're the best mom I could've asked for. Through everything, through our ups and downs, through our highs and lows, we've been through it all and came out on top. We've grown from it all and created a beautiful relationship unlike any other. You are my role model; you are the strongest woman I've ever known. You are the bravest, kindest, sweetest, most inspiring woman in my life. Though some parents refuse to allow their kids to take control of their own life in fear that they'll mess up, you thrust the responsibility onto me and allow me to make those fundamental mistakes so I'll learn on my own and for that I thank you, I love you. You are the reason I am the person I am today, you and you alone. I thank you for being the stability in my life, for being the provider, for staying up until 5am just to make sure that anthology gets finished, for pushing me to bigger and better things. Thank you for letting me live the life I want, for letting me have dreams and for letting me go after those dreams. Happy Mother's Day Ma Ma, I love you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So dead weak has descended upon us, GREAAAAAT. The week before finals, its basically "study until you're on the brinks of death" week. Coincidentally, it is also the most sun Berkeley has gotten in weeks...THIS HAS GOT TO BE SOME SORT OF A CONSPIRACY! It's like Berkeley is tempting us to give studying the middle finger and, instead, prance around memorial glade under the glorious sun and be HAPPY so we'll end up failing...well, you have NOT succeeded! HA! Not that I still won't fail but at least it'll be all my doing. I'm currently sitting in the dungeon (aka underground study lounge) trying to write a 10 page paper on the infamous...or rather really famous Britney Spears' meltdown of 2007...and I've actually gotten negative work done...literally, I just deleted everything (1 paragraph) that I've written. So instead of frolicking out in the sun, I've decided to blog my worries away! YEAH!
So the post title is the working title of my Britney paper, you dig? I dig! I wonder if I could actually keep it as it is...IT'S JUST SO FREAKIN' BRITALICIOUS! Yes, I went there, I added -LICIOUS, it's like I'm a 7th grader again, I SO WISH I WAS SO I DIDN'T HAVE TO WRITE THIS FREAKING PAPER. Rant over.
I'm no longer a baby bear once May 10th rolls around, it's definitely a bittersweet affair. It's true that I'm no longer the bottom of the totem pole, no longer the rut, but, in a way, I kind of loved being the little wittle baby in such a big school. It gave me a cushion for all the mistakes I've made in the past year. Now I no longer have that diaper, that protective sheet, I'm on my own and it's kind of a "make it or break it" moment. Let's see how year 2 goes shall we? Fingers crossed it's full of good friends, good classes, good memories, and good grades! HA! Okay, the last one may be pushing it but a girl can dream can't she?
So these pictures, these purty purty pictures are from the Work It, BARE Series by the ever so lovely, Brittany Curran who is also the Blog Editor of BARE blog and the other Work It, Berk series. This girl is SO talented folks, like SOOO talented! I don't know how she finds the time to update all her blogs, I only have one and I can never seem to squeeze it in, as sad as that sounds. I promise to work on it, especially over summer! I love making my little brobro my personal camera man, MUAHAHA! See you all once finals are over and I'm free as a bird! Well for like two weeks anyways and then summer classes start, THE PAIN NEVER ENDS!

sheer cheetah top: buffalos exchange ($10)
black jeggings: old navy ($19)
black button up booties: f21 ($30)
multi-stranded black necklace: f21 ($8)
photo creds: Brittany Curran!