Monday, January 31, 2011


My roommate Joana walks in while I'm changing (and shirtless) and exclaims, "ANISA, WHAT ARE YOU FREAKIN' WEARING?!?!" ..."What? My skirt's too I doubled up!" It's actually quite a sad story, and now I'm going to tell you. I bought the gray bow skirt on my trip to Taiwan this summer and, at the time, it fit perfectly. It was a bit short I'll admit but my mom made me buy it (her philosophy "if you have it, flaunt it! you're only young once and this body won't last forever!") so I did. I forgot about the skirt completely until last Friday during my usual morning closet rummage. So I slip it on and what do I know? It refuses to simply cover my booty, it barely covered much of anything. Running out of time, and patience, I quickly scattered around and pulled on my party skirt. Never did I think I'd be wearing this to a full day of classes but WHATEVZ!
Why is it that I'm always in the mood to wear something leggy when it's cloudy and freakin' freezing out?! It's like this innate desire I have to torture my body temperature. On Friday afternoon, I took a little trip back home for my family's Chinese New Year dinner. It was supes fun to hang out with my baby cousins and be all merry and jolly with my familia! (the red envelopes filled with cash didn't hurt either, hehe!)
I just realized how many articles of clothing I put on each day. As I was doing laundry with my floormate, I realize that I had more clothes than she did, and I was only doing one weeks worth of laundry while she was doing two. WHATTHEEFF!? I didn't realize how many pieces of clothing I actually put on everyday, which only matters because I despise doing laundry AND folding AND putting them all way, BUMMER!
P.S. I am now officially a member of the BARE staff! I can't wait to start planning, photoshootin', and blogging for such an amazing magazine! Good thing I decided to get off my lazy butt and make something out of my last semester as a little wittle freshmen (I actually like being a freshmen, weird!) Here's hoping to an amazingly productive semester filled with wonderful memories and red velvet cupcakes and unicorns galore! Got a little carried away there...or not (I WANT TO SEE A UNICORN! I BELIEVE, I DO I DO!)
off the shoulder tan top: roomie's (f21)
gray bow skirt: taiwan ($10)
sparkly gold skirt: f21 ($15)
thigh high socks: f21 ($4)
leather crop jacket: h&m ($30)
dreamcatcher necklace: f21 ($6)
bow flats: taiwan ($10)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


The bright warm sun in Berkeley disappeared this morning leaving us with the cold wet foggy, also known as typical Berkeley weather. Pffft, as the saying goes "all good things come to an end." Despite the troubling weather, things have been going blushingly well both here and in my life. I've been trying to be more proactive this semester (new years resolution #6) by applying to Caliber Magazine and BARE magazine (new years resolution #7). Not trying to be greedy or anything, but I'm hoping I'll get both of them (FINGERS CROSSED!) so I'll have something to do besides sitting on my huge salt and vinegar induced ass and tumblring (which is totally breaking new years resolution #11).
Forgive my awkward facial expressions, the sun was shining right at my little eyes, the poor things didn't stand a chance. It probably didn't help that I feel super awkward having other people taking my photos, I don't know it's just one of those things (hey, what can I say, I'm a shy bird!) When I brought back this nifty little thrifted fleur-de-lis shirt, my mother wondered why I would EVER pick up something so obviously old and matronly. Hey, it was shiny, cheap and such a velvety delight for my fingertips! I just couldn't resist such an epicly fluffy purchase! My mother always tells me that I'm an "interesting" dresser, that I have a knack for picking out the most ridiculous item and making the weirdest pairing of things. Personally, I take that as a compliment, thank you mother dearest!
Ah, I love this necklace. Even though I'm always weary about buying jewelry (I'm much more of a clothing or shoes person, the only jewelry I wear on a day-to-day basis is my silver "colors of the wind" ring, friendship bracelets, and silly bandz, yee) so buying anything new is always a difficult task for me. And I'm also a typical asian, cheap. But since I had a gift card to the ever so lovely F21, I felt that I could diverge from my comfort zone and splurge a little, just this once. I just adore the way it sparkles, shines, twinkles, and glows. It definitely adds a certain element to my outfits. And it's ginormous and shiny, yay!
This whole outfit reminds me a little bit of the Baroque time period. The shirt, the shoes, the colors, just everything. UHH...maybe just a tad? Maybe not, but even so, I'm totes going to pretend to be all art major-y and say that my outfit "reminisces the Baroque period by focusing on their appreciation of natural raw colors. The designs and details also reminds me of a more antique-like vintage nature that was essential for the fashion of that time period." Does that sound vaguely legit? No? Well, fudge, there goes my BSing skillage that took me a good four years (aka high school) to perfect. Poopcakes.
denim vest: thrifting decal swap
velvet fleur-de-lis granny top: thrifted ($2)
leggings: f21 ($7)
trouser socks: dollar store ($1)
baroque-esque ankle boots: urban outfitters ($20)
bling bling necklace: f21 ($7)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Update numero dos in a single day! I'm on a roll today! Man am I tiring out this blog today! Well, back in December I wonAlien's Labyrinth's Giveaway of a $50 discount off of purchases $100 and up for this cute little upscale e-boutique-esque shop, ShopDilara, which carries a very Blair Waldorf-esque type clothing (they even have a Blair Cape!) It totally slipped my mind (darn!) and I'm super bummed that I am broke beyond brokeness now (curses Asian Ghetto, Telegraph, and Shattuck, YES, I'M SOOO LOOKING AT YOU THREE!) and the discount expires on January 31st (PROCRASTINATION, CURSES!) SOOOO, not wanting this amazing opportunity to save loads of money, I've decided to offer it up to you amazing little lovelies!

All you have to do is:
1). Be a follower on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'
2). Leave me a comment with your email!
3). Do it before Saturday, January 29th, 2011 12:00AM

Extra brownie points (aka entries!):
1). Follow me on TWITTER and tweet about the giveaway!
2). Follow me on TUMBLR

good luck and take care lovers :)

EDIT: So the winner of this little giveaway was Kathleen from Inspirafashion, thank you so much for your multiple entries sweets! And have a fun time shopping!


I definitely didn't realize that I haven't had a single outfit post in...well, forever! What kind of fashion/style blog is this if theres nothing but blurb's about me, myself, and I sans outfits?! A narcissistic one dedicated to my AMAZING personality, that's what! Here's a quicky before I scadaddle off to my 8AM French Lit/English class on HYSTERIA! In the womb! (Why I have an 8AM English class is beyond me, oy!)
I love this top, the print makes me feel so care-free (I wish!) and I just want to frolic my way to class, despite the cold outlook and temperature that the morning always seems to bring. Everyone kept asking me if I was going to sorority rush events because I looked so "dressed up." Umm hello! I'm wearing jeans you silly poos! You'd think that after a semester of living with me they would get that this is what I wear on a day-to-day basis. Silly people!
I went to the BARE magazine infosession last night. BARE, if you don't go to Cal, is our campus's premier fashion magazine that's making a pretty big statement everywhere, especially in our little bay. The cover of the last issue was even in 3D! The tiny little room in Dwinelle was ferociously packed with gorgeous people dressed in gorgeous clothes and you could smell fashion in the air. I loved it. It seemed like everybody who was into fashion was there, I even ran into Kathleen from Inspirafashion (who is beyond sweet, cute, teeeeeny, and she looked amazing in her H&M blush blazer that I wish looked half as good on me as it did on her)! I hope I get to be a part of their team, or rather teams because I seem to want to dabble in a bit of everything! FINGERS CROSSED!
daisy! top: thrifted ($3)
black jeggings: old navy ($19)
silver oxfords (not pictured because I literally suck at self time, LITERALLY): urban outfitters ($20)
brown vintage belt: thrifted ($5)
feather headband: f21

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


TECHNICALLY, it's Wednesday, but since I haven't slept yet, so it's still Tuesday in my book which means it's time for another GET TO KNOW ME TUESDAY!
1. I'm a texaholic. I text during class, during dinner, when I'm walking, when I'm talking, when I'm gyming, basically anywhere and everywhere. Just today, I almost got ran over by a golf cart on campus because I was texting and not watching the road, oopsies!

2. I find people who are passionate about what they're studying to be super oober heart meltingly sexy. They don't necessarily have to be what most people consider "cute" or "hot" for me to find them ridiculously attractive, sometimes personality really does make the man.

3. I swear I have ADHD/ADD, my concentration is practically non-exsistent. It's seriously difficult to keep me focused on one particular subject, I'm always bouncing from thing to thing to thing. Even just writing this I've already flipped onto Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Photobucket, Yahoo and Google. Oy.

4. I have such an addictive personality, once I like something I seriously can't stop myself. I've been listening to Shine a Light-Mcfly ft. Taio Cruz on repeat for the last two days and I'm still obsessed with it. Even my roommates have noticed since I sing it SO FREAKING MUCH (i'm a grreatt singer, totes!). At them moment, I can't seem to get my taste buds to lust after anything else besides salt and vinegar lays (which makes my breath smells sooo good all the time!) and orbit spearmint gum (I chew about 4 pieces of gum per day). I try to use my addictive personality for good and not evil.

5. My ass is literally too big for me to find jeans that'll fit both my huge ass and tiny waist. It's both a blessing and a curse. Sure, I'm an asian with a badonkadonk (what a rare sighting right?) but I also can't seem to find jeans that'll fit all my lady humps. humph!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's been a hectic and frantic week filled with reading, hi-lighting, note taking and book buying, ah the perils of coming back to Cal. Again, sorry I've been neglecting you, you unloved unappreciated blog, figurative tears are streaming down my cheek as we speak. School's been insanely busy! I have classes from 8AM-3PM almost daily and I'm constantly tired, sleepy, excited, bored, happy, silly, laughing, angry, and even more of an array of emotions and emoticons { :) :( -___- >:) -___~ @___@ :P :D and mucho mucho more!} And since I've been phoneless (due to a little drunken mishap, as explained in the post below) I'm been kind of MIA and antisocial and just plain getting my shiz together (I've already spent time in the library, yes I'm a flat out nerd), WOOT! I'm definitely enjoying my classes and material way more this semester, I mean, I'm taking a class where I get to read Peter Rabbit and Ronald Dahl! (children's lit, oh yeah, be jealous!) And it's nice to have classes where the music, art, and architecture classes are, it's certainly a nice change of scenery, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT *WINK WINK!*

BUT ANYWAYS, GUSSSH! The icing on top of my already delicious fatty red velvet cheesecake is this little amazing photo sess I had with Brittany from BARE magazine for the Work It, Berk's Work It, Bloggers series. Brittany is beyond cute, sweet, hilarious and she was even a little awkwardly cooky with me (I mean, we were having a photo shoot smack dab in the middle of campus, NBD). I feel so special to be among these stylish CAL bloggers, I feel like a real blogger now, YEAH!

Photo Credits: Brittany

cropped leather jacket: h&m ($30)
cropped white tank top: victoria's secret pink
floral zip up skirt: urban outfitters ($5)
bling bling sparkly thing: forever 21 ($8)
tights: taiwan
sparkly oxfords: urban outfitters ($20)

PSSSH, ON THE DOWN LOW, she told me that I was the very first person to get photographed with her new lens, suhhhweeeet GO ME!

Thanks so much Brittany! You made my week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1. Despite my gym savvy appearance (and my rock hard biceps), I rarely step foot into it. Today was the first of hopefully many to come!
2. I recently spilled vodka all over my blackberry, I guess I just wanted it to be happy like me. So now, I'm phoneless. AND HATING IT. THAT IS THE LAST TIME I DO ANYTHING NICE, EVER!
3. Accents make me go goo gooo gaa gaaaaa, I dieeeeee.
4. Sushi is my favorite food. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, every single day. HELL YEAH! ICHIBAN!
5. Lip ring. Enough said.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


How typical of me, it's 6:47AM on a Sunday morning and now I decide I just *MUST* blog, typical. After a month long of nothing but boring perfection, I'm back at the place I love to hate, Berkeley. It's always such a bittersweet thing trading in my nice long extended stays at home to come back to nothing but stress and work, but in the end, I love being here and I wouldn't dare have it any other way.
This is what I wore to a family dinner at Miraku in downtown Walnut Creek a couple nights before I left. When we couldn't decide between French, Italian or steak, we settled on a nice little Japanese restaurant that served slightly overpriced sushi that tasted like they had just fished it out of the ocean in their harbor and slabbed it on our table, it was that fresh.
I haven't worn a skirt that reaches past mid-thighs in...well...probably ever, so this was a real nice change for once. I realized how comfy and nice it is to be able to stand up and not have to adjust and pull and tug on your skirt because it rode up. I feel way classier and more "mature" (SCOFF, that's a funny joke in itself!) It's definitely a look I'm willing to try try try again!
As winter break comes to a quick end, we're left with the bitter after taste of semester two in our mouths like a swish of cheap vodka minus the yummy orange juice chaser. Sadly it's time to hit those books and attend those huge ass boring lectures at an ungodly 8AM once again and study our little asses (who are we kidding, all of our asses have expanded beyond beliefs!) off. Here's hoping to a more successful, more productive, and less lazy semester! Fingers crossed and crossing my heart!
striped sweater: kohls ($8)
dress worn as a skirt: tj maxx ($12)
brown bow boots: taiwan ($50)
knitted headband: gifted
stone necklace: taiwan
ditzy floral clutch: thrifted ($1.50)
leather belt: thrifted ($5)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


1. I'm a compulsive eater and I need to be forced to attend OAFHS (overeaters anonymous for the fat and hungry souls)
2. I love the way my mac sounds when the keys go CLICK CLACK CLICKITY CLACKITY CLACK! when I'm furiously BSing an essay...or just typing random letters to hear it go CLICK CLACK!
3. College-Asher Roth is a raw true depiction of my first semester in college. I've even learned a lesson or two, like never passed out with my shoes on, NO SHAME!
4. I'm slightly, nay, super freakin' addicted to piercings. Just got my left daith pierced on NYE as photographed above!
5. I say I DGAF but I honestly GAF a lot. Too much. All the time.

Friday, January 7, 2011


UNCE, UNCE, UNCE, UNCE! If you guessed rave music, than ding ding ding you're the golden ticket winner! Golden ticket to what you say? To...uh, well, nothing. BUT STILL, good for you! I so overwhelmed with pride! I never thought I'd be one to say that raves are my scene but it's a lot of fun. First of all, it's not like a club so there's no one to impress. Everyone there is so chill (aka drugged out/drunk/high) that they don't care what you're wearing. It's simply fun to go in there, all hyped up and dressed down, and fight pump/head bang/hip thrust your heart out! Sad to say this but I was super oober ridiculously sore the next morning due to the amount of forceful fist pumpin' we did. I don't know how those guidos and guidettes on Jersey Shore (which reminds me I still need to watch the season 3 premiere...DON'T JUDGE ME!) do it night after night, it's such an arm workout! Maybe I'm not cut out for that kind of lifestyle, I'll never achieve head guidette status, sad!
With only a week, a mere seven days left until I head back to Berkeley (yay!) I'm making the most effort to try and make my bestestestest friend happy (aka MY BED!) It's been feeling neglected cause I haven't been home that much in the previous weeks so I dropped all my plans (aka have no plans) and opted to stay in all snuggled up in my cozy and soft bed and watch movies online. So far I've watched The Town, The Other Boleyn Girl, Ocean's 11, and Lolita (1962). Please leave me some suggestions, I do have a whole week left to be a lonely hermit.
Oh yeah, another reason for my sole solitude was that I was in a car accident yesterday. If anyone decides to pull the "no shit, you're a female asian driver, it was bound to happen" SHUDDUP before I punch your two front teeth out! It was not my fault in the slightest, the truck backed up into my car, no, basically on top of my car. The worst part of it all is that my baby (aka my '98 honda civic) was demolished in this accident. Poor thing never stood a chance, sigh. So now I'm slightly freaked to be driving and have reduced my speed to be that of a granny's, which is unlike my usual fast and the furious status (well, that's what it seems like in my head anyways...)
peek-a-boo velvet tank: urban outfitters ($15)
vintage belt: thrifted ($2.50)
vintage levis shorts: buffalo's exchange ($7.50)
tights: taiwan (in the thrash now, sad)
dreamcatcheresque necklace: f21 ($7)

Movie suggestions: READY, SET, GOOOO!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


NEW YEAR, NEW TRADITIONS. Since I already have my guilty-free guilty pleasure series that pop up every so often, I felt like it's time to get down right personal with my peeps (you guys!) So every Tuesday will be like a round of speed dating, 5 facts about yours truly. You ready for this?
1. My parent stole my name, Anisa, from the neighbor's daughter because everyone was able to pronounce it already.
2. I suck at taking compliments (I usually just laugh it off or change the subject abruptly).
3. Soup is a major food group for me, I always have to have a cup of soup in the dining commons.
4. I don't feel sexy in jeans, I just don't.
5. I have a very distinguishable laugh. No one has ever mistaken it for anyone else's and everyone can pick it out of a crowd. I don't know if it's a good thing or not.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HO11A FOR 2011

11 New Years resolution for 2011:
1. Stop waiting for things to happen and just go for it.
2. Think positively. Stop being a debbie downer/party poop/lame-o!
3. Remember more of my nights...a nicer way of saying that I need to drink less.
4. Keep in better contact with old friends.
5. Move more! Stop being so lazy, it's time to finally experience the runner's high.
6. Be more social in the real world. Go out and join clubs, meet new people, etc.
7. Write for something. Whether it be the daily cal, a school magazine, or an internet blog, I don't care! I just want something to get my creative juices flowing (and my brain occupied)
8. Be more responsible. We can start this rolling by going to class (especially by going to class) and getting a job (my first!)
9. To care less about what other people think about me and to let it affect me less.
10. Self. Control. Enough said.
11. Use the internet less. Shocking right!? My friends believe that having a facebook, twitter, tumblr, lookbook, and a blog is starting to take a toll on my...dare I say it...real life. So, in an attempt to please everyone (and myself, I'm friendless!) I will try to limit my internet usage.

New years eve was very low key and chill this year. Laura and I drove up to Grizzly Peak/Fish Ranch (depending on what side of the bay you're from), a very infamous "hang out" spot in Berkeley that looks into SF. It's absolutely gorgeous, breath-taking, jaw dropping, and any other cool way of saying awesome. Since it was absolutely freezing and raining, we were able to see the fireworks in the city in the comfort of our own car, score! We jammed out to jammin' (oh yeah, I went there) mixes and bumpin' my car, completely 101% sober. Yeah, it was a very different NYE than the year before. Hm uh ohh yeah, we did get into this fierce dance off in the new year with this stranger who was grinding and gyrating on my car...but that's another story.
This was my sparkly new years day outfit for a night on the town (shopping and dinner) with my mother. It's become a tradition for us to go out for sushi on the first of January. This year was different though, the chinese/japanese restaurant we tried was utterly terrible. They forgot our orders, gave us terrible service, and the food was definitely not up to par. But, keeping up with resolution #1, it was just nice to be out with my mother, I don't nearly see her enough anymore.
2010 was a fabulous year full of good friends, new friends, make ups, break ups, epic moments, ridiculous fails, and above all, amazing memories. 2011, you have huge shoes to fill and I hope you'll come through for all of us.
giraffe jacket: thrifted ($5)
white tank: f21 ($13)
sparkly skirt: thrifted ($3)
thigh high socks: f21 ($3)
steve madden wedges: macys ($20)
seahorse bag: decal swap (free!)
birdcage umbrella: berkeley hats ($15)

P.S. LOOK AT THE TITLE, WITTY HUH?! HUH? HUHH? THE 1s are Ls, CHEYAA! Yeah, I try and I'm awesome I know (Maybe being less cocky and awesome should be a resolution...nah, I'm far too cool for that, psh!)

What are your new years resolution?