Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Fall has finally graced its presence on little Berkeley. Some kids here are freaking out over the "coldness" and such, but I'm fine, this is my favorite kind of weather. Slightly cold, slightly cloudy, slightly blissful; it all culminates into such a beautiful and incredible feeling. It makes me feel so alive. Better yet, it's sweater time, yay! 2 weeks and 1 day left until winter break; a month of freedom to do nothing, to do anything, to do everything. I'm so excited. I just need to get through a week of classes, RRR week (a free week to study for finals), and the deaded finals. UGH.

After some soul searching, I realize that I have absolutely no freaking idea what the hell I'm going to do once I graduate. I know it's normal for a freshman and all, or any college student, but I usually like to have some plan, a goal, an idea of some sort. So, I'm slightly, kinda, sorta FREAKING THE FUCK OUT! ASDFJKL;
Right now the sun is setting and it's turning the sky into swirls of pink and purple. It's purrtyy and it makes me want cotton candy. Damn stupid post-Thanksgiving guilt diet, you're killing me!
ruffly tank: urban outfitters ($20)
black zara sweater: via internet
levis shorts: buffalo's exchange ($7.50)
grey ribbon thigh highs: f21 ($7)
minnetonka moccasins: crossroads ($12)
HUGE beige scarf: f21 ($10)

P.S. Meet Lawrence, the huge elephant my BB4LZ Laura got me as an early Christmas present! My floor already loves him a ridiculous amount, he even has a play date with Mr. Fou Fou (no joke!).

Also, I wanted to give a huge thank you with internet flowers and balloons to Kathleen over at Inspirafashion for giving me the "Stylish Blogger" Award. You're such a sweetheart, classmate!

So, following the rules of the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award- Thank you Kathleen! I appreciate it sooo much! You're too kind!

2. Tell 7 facts about yourself:
#1. I prefer night over day. I'm such a night owl, I rarely sleep before 3AM. I tend to do my best thinking around that time so I always study after midnight.
#2. I've seen A Walk to Remember over 40 times, I went a little crazy over one summer and I watched it every single day for a month. Yeah, I'm kind of obsessive at times.
#3. I prefer pancakes over waffles. It's fluffy like clouds! (Or so I'd imagine!)
#4. People tend to think I'm high maintenance because I like to dress up but I'm completely the opposite. I'm low maintenance, like low low low to the floo floo floo, yeah that low.
#5. I'm so scared of snakes. I've had nightmares about them to the point where I'll wake up in a sweat. Even snakes in books freak me the fuck out!
#7. I'm in a teeny bopper music phase. I have no idea why, if someone can, get me out of it? PLEASE? Blasting Mandy Moore in a dorm room is slightly embarrassing right? NAH, I'm not embarrassed at all, I LOVE IT! But the rest of the floor...especially the guys...not so much.

3. Pay it forward to 7 bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The last four days have been heavenly, scratch that, mashed potatoly (cause mashed potatoes taste like heaven, get it get it? HAHAA!) to say the least. With the endless nights, the restless days, the late mornings, slipperless showers, blasting my car stereo, rocking out, laughing till I can't breath, long ass chit chats, gossiping, fast food run, thrifting, adventures, broken high beams, etc. etc. etc. it was starting to remind us of our summer days. It was tear-inducingly lovely.
It's a weird and surreal feeling being back home with all of my high school BFF4LZZ. We seem to have picked up exactly where we left off as if the last 3 months never even happened. It simply thrills me to no ends. I love having such a close knit group of friends that I know will be there for me no matter what. It's such a great thing to smile about and my mood has been extraordinarily blissful and wonderful. Just three more stressful weeks (FINALS, FINALS, FINALS!) and I'm HOME FREE! I. CAN'T. WAIT!
As these pictures do tell, the glorious Christmas spirit is among us! HIP HIP HORRAY! My friends and I trekked up to SF for the tree lightening ceremony. The city was still buzzing on the black friday high and the cold was not crisp as ice like I had anticipated when we arrived; it was a beautiful night in the city I love so so much. The whole night was filled with laughter, love, awe, and memories. The city was all lit up with beautiful lights and the tree was HUGE! I had no idea that it was an ACTUAL Christmas tree made of real wood and all. I wonder how they got it into Union Square, I would've much rather watched that then the tree lighting. Overall, I went home empty handed but I didn't mind it one bit.
My awesome, amazing, lazy, calorie-filled Thanksgiving vacation is coming to an end, sadly. Being lazy ol' me, I'm trying to delay the inevitable return to CAL by staying home an extra day, mainly so I wouldn't have to leave my couch. It seems as though my butt and my couch have consummated as one. Yup, the couch wined and dined my ass and after several dates (aka hours) they decided to take the plunge and get hitched! So now they're on their hunky dory honeymoon so I have to stay otherwise I'd become a terrible home wrecker. See, totally legit excuse for me to stay home. YEAAH!
grey knitted top: ross ($10)
knitted dusty pink beret/beanie: crossroads ($12)
black jeggings: old navy ($19)
moccasins: minnetoka via crossroads ($15-->$12, yay birthday coupon!)
huge tan scarf: f21 ($10)
grey tweedlike long coat: roxy via buffalo's exchange ($25)


Yes I know this is very very late but HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope each and every one of you ate mountains of freshly mashed mashed potatoes, countless biscuits smothered in butter, slices upon slices of turkey (both dark and light meat), even the veggies (say hey to peas and carrots), and, of course, scrumptious mouth watering pumpkin pie! Ahh, thanksgiving food is what we dream about for 365 days a year and it never fails to disappoint. But there's more to thanksgiving than the food, believe it or not...
Whats better than food you say? The company, DUH! What's better than spending time with your family?!! My family, no matter how dysfunctional and crazy they are, are the only group of people I want to be with on such a special occasion. Why you may ask? What other family coerces, no forces, you to take shots with them? Mind you, I'm only eighteen, which is underage in the states. Better yet, I ended up being the DD for my own mother. I love these crazy asians with all my life. Oh the joys of the holiday!
10 things I'm thankful for in 2010:
1. No matter how much I bitch and complain about CAL, I'm super grateful I have the opportunity to go to such an amazing university. GO BEARS!
2. The new friendships I've made in college, you guys are the reason I'm both crazy and sane...at the same time. What would I ever do without you guys? I do not want to find out.
3. Finding Intermezzo cafe. The veggie delight salad is freaking DELICIOUS! The portions are ginormous and the food is fresh and yummy! I'm so craving it now ahh!
4. Bear market. Convenient? yes. Delicious? yes. Good for my diet? no. I love it, worship it, appreciate it nonetheless. I need a frequent shoppers card there already.
5. Nature. Even with the cool technology and pretty skyscrapers and sexy cars we have these days, nature is still mind boggling amazing! It reaffirms the beauty, the mystery, the lovely in the world at times when all I can see is the bad in it. It's beautiful and gorgeous and so so pretty.
7. My ability to fall asleep anywhere and my ability to sleep through everything. There's always so much construction going on outside our dorms so it's such a good skill to be able to sleep through anything otherwise you'll just waste precious sleep time being P.Oed!
8. My family. Thank you for standing behind any decisions I make about my future, thank you for letting me be the boss of my future, thank you for letting me explore my dreams and aspirations and not pushing me towards one certain field or career. I throughly appreciate this yet you'll never have any idea how truly grateful I actually am.
9. Self timer. I would be photoless if not for the self timer. Im still far too shy/embarrassed to ask my friends to take outfit photos for me so I usually rely on the trusty ol' self timer. Even though it's fairly difficult to master the daunting skill of being able to take kick ass pictures with the self timer, I'm determined to do so, believe me!
10. Last, but certainly not the least, my followers and readers. You guys are amazing and if I could I would send each and every one of you a red velvet cupcake covered with rainbow sprinkles and baked with nothing but love. I love you guys!
leopard shirt: h&m ($9)
grey tube dress: online
tights: taiwan
vintage belt: thrifted ($5)
necklace: grandma's jewelry box
bracelets: grandma's jewelry box
long black coat: f21 ($35)

P.S. Totally check out bloglovin' friday over at ssssht! It's a collection of bloggers writing about their favorite F/W trends and I'm one of them! So definitely pop on over and see what's cool for the cooler weather (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? GET IT GET IT? YEAH, I'M HILARIOUS! HAHA!)

P.P.S. I am now a bird that goes TWEET TWEET TWEET! Follow me :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Friday, some girls from the thrifting and revamping decal and I decided to take a little "field trip" to mission in San Francisco for some thrifting fun (despite the rain!) Even though I'm a bay area native, I don't explore SF nearly as much as I should. When I think of SF I think of Fisherman's Wharf, Powell, Union Square, the beaches, and Chinatown. I never think of the awesome, cool, dare I say hip districts outside of the normal tourist must-see places. That is because I'm lame. So anyways, mission was awesome! I loved EVERYTHING about it! From the ridiculous amount of thrift stores within a 2 minute walk from each other, to the authentic looking mexican food (which we are dearly deprived of in Berkeley, the only mexican food near us is chipotle and la burrita, which I love!), cafes, cute little indie shops, to chic boutiques! Even though I was the only one to come home empty handed, I think I got the most out of the trip! It was fun hanging out with some new people and making some new friends who loves to thrift, yay! I can't wait to go back for round 2 and 3 and perhaps 4!
mission sf tripmission sf tripmission sf tripmission sf tripmission sf tripmission sf tripmission sf trip
mission sf trip
leopard top: buffalo's exchange ($7)
roxy long coat: buffalo's exchange ($25)
dark blue jeggings: old navy ($19)
grey booties: kmart ($20)
chunky white scarf: aeropostale
vintage coach purse: thrifted ($17)
birdcage umbrella: berkeley hats ($15)

It's definitely 6AM right now and I'm currently working on a 125 point essay that's 20% of my final grade that's due at 2:10PM today. WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS TO MYSELF? Yes, I received this assignment 6 weeks ago and yes, I could have avoided all of this stress/no sleep/eyelids falling/knee&back ache but I never seem to learn my lesson. It's like I LIKE to inflict self torture onto myself. BLEH GAAAH AHHH BITCHFEST$& ASDFJK; POOP!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yesterday was the Big Game against Stanford. Long story short, we lost. And the big fat raindrops signified how sad the world is about the fact that we lost the game. AXE GONE! (what's the axe you ask? CLICK!) Depressing huh? Yeah, totally. The half time performance totally made up for the fact that the weather was a bitch. The theme was "DANCE!" And the marching band played "Bad Romance," "Break Your Heart," and all these dance evoking music that the crowd ate up! Our band was WAY better than Stanford's, so HA!
Love my school no matter what, repping them blue and gold for life!

On another note, today is my floor's 3 months monthiversary. WE'VE BEEN LIVING TOGETHER FOR A WHOLE 3 MONTHS! Wow, what a feat, that's longer than my longest relationship (Sad, yes, pathetic, eh maybe, do I care? Not in the slightest). It's such a weird feeling. I feel like time flew the fuck by and I can't remember how we even spent it. Yet, looking back we have nothing but funny, hilarious, embarrassing, pathetic, sad, teary, adorable, perfect, imperfect, angry, annoying, giggly, memories together. It's hard to believe that 3 months ago we were nothing but a floor of strangers, scared to make any sorts of mistake that would anger/offend anyone on the floor. But now, it's like we're a family. Of course, we fight, we get mad, we yell, we say things we don't mean, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't want to come back to any other floor. When someone's puking their guts out, everyone bands together to make them feel better. No questions, no judgement, just help. When someone's crying, we're here to comfort them and give them a bunch of shoulders to lean on. When someone's happy, we're here to celebrate and be happy for them. When someone's too drunk to walk home, someone's here to make sure they get the fuck home and into bed. And if someone happen to fall, someone's always there to literally pick them up. It's such an incredible support system above all else. I totally lucked out and have the best floor a girl could possibly ask for. They make CAL a little more bearable (HAHA, GET IT? BEAR-able??!! HAHA!) each and every day. I love my floormates soo much, probably too much. I honestly have no idea what I would do without them.

Halloween 2010.
September 2010: The first month.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's the BIG GAME WEEK here at CAL, WOOT GO BEARS! What does this mean? It means we're totally going to dominate the dreaded STANFURD (aka Stanford, YUCK! TEEHEE JK!) Literally everything here is bleeding blue and gold. LITERALLY. AND I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH! I wish CAL looks like this all year round, that would just be lovely.

From the rooftop of Campbell. Look at the bay, it's sooo purty!

My school's beautiful. It makes me happy. Minus the class and grades part.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Not always so guilt-free...but we do it regardless.
1. Drunk. Texting. Come on, it's totally lethal. If we're not allowed to drunk drive, we shouldn't be allowed to drunk text. You usually end up regretting it as soon as you hit the send button. Do you really want to send out "isss drunkesss, yoooou facewe beee custeee, i meesf youus anedd setfxxxy timoeee" to your ex-boyfriend or "howww do i getsdsss homeeeq froxxm dethh frwaat???!" to your mother? DIDN'T THINK SO! So, be smart and leave your phone at home OR get someone else to carry it for you. TEXT SMART.

2. Drunken make outs. Sure they're all fun and games at the time but there are so many consequences that result from your 7 minutes in heaven. They make walking around campus scarier than the Grudge (and that girl scares the BEJEEBIES out of me). There are no safe zones; your hookups can be ANYWHERE and you WILL run into them when you least expect it. Especially if they live in the same proximity as you, then you're in for tons of awkward elevator rides and those are the worst. It's always weird seeing someone you sucked face with in a dark frat during the day, everyone looks different out in the sun. And without alcohol. Just an FYI.
3. Choosing sleep/food/doing nothing/blogging/fbing/tumblring/shopping/basically anything and everything over school work. This one's self explanatory and a given. (I'm doing this as we speak, you poli sci paper, you wait until I'm finished!)
4. Eating fries over veggies. We're college students, stressed out hungry growing college students. Veggies DO NOT and WILL NOT fill you up like fries do. Nor do they taste half as good.
5. Making endless lists of activities that you know you'll never get around to because you're an lazy arse. GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND JUST DO IT FOR HEAVENS SAKE! (I need to start taking my own advice)

6. Only believing horoscopes if you like what they say and totally ignoring them if you don't.

7. Doing something utterly crazy like streaking, getting so drunk you don't remember, skipping class for a concert, throwing your phone into the pool for no reason at all, skinny dipping, breaking and entering and using the excuse "WE'RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE!" to justify it.
8. Hitting snooze for the 5th time, switching positions for the 20th time, and sleeping through your next 2 classes. It happens to some (if not all) of us at one point or another.

9. Waking up at 8AM on a Saturday morning with a super full bladder. What else can we do but ignore it's pleas and begs, and go right back to sleep! The only problem is waking up 4 hours later with an ANGRY bladder who wants nothing more than revenge. It's painful and totally not worth it, trust me.
(via tumblr)

10. Having different groups of friends. There are your "party hardy friends," your "hang out occasionally cause I have nothing else to do friends," your "class time friends," your "high school friends," your "BFF if I don't see you for 4 hours I feel like I'm going to die friends," etc etc. There are just some people that you want to be with more than others in different situations. Everyone has their niche; some were meant to party and others to study and some were meant to just be with constantly. That's just how life is.

What are your guilt-free (but not really) guilty pleasures? Share some!