Friday, February 25, 2011


OOOH, OH, OHHH! I'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU ALL LOVELIES! CSN approached me about doing an awesome giveaway for all my amazing followers! I love each and every one of you so naturally I jumped at the opportunity! What is CSN? CSN is a site that sells anything and everything; from lights to boots to exercising equipment! How ridiculously convenient and lazy-approved is that? I mean their byline is "....Shop Easy!" Hell yeah! Thumbs up from lazy ass #1!

So back to the giveaway! What do you win, cause that's all that matters in the end right? Totes! Well, you're entering to win a $40 promotion code for ANYTHING your heart desires on CSN. You can buy boots, bedsheets, or a floor-length mirror! HOW AWESOME IS THAT YO? OMG, I'M SUPES JELLY! Boy, do I feel like an asian Oprah (just poorer, way way way poorer actually, and yellow!)

My personal picks:
1.Pan Am Originals Explorer Bag
How classy is this? Imagine walking in to the airport with this chic little carry on, ahhhhhh, how old school vintage cute is it!? It's the perfect size too! It can fit your sweater for in case it gets cold, your chapstick (you never know when it could come in handy...wink wink!), your huge cover-half-your-face sunglasses and 700mL bottle of smart water (a girls got to do, what a girls got to do when she gets a hangover), and a book to read or pretend to read to seem classy and smart (duh!)
2. Women's Puddles Rain Boots in Black Burst
RAINBOOTS! YAY! How freaking cute are these?! GAHHHH, I would literally pray for it to rain to wear these cute little suckers on my feet! Luckily (Not, screw you rain! Kidding! We love you, you water our plants and make the world go round and round!) If I didn't already have a pair of rainboots, these would so be it!


All you have to do is leave a comment with:
1. Your name
2. Your email
3. What you follow me through (cause I want to get to know more of you lovers)
1 extra entry for following me on GFC
1 extra entry for follow me on BLOGLOVIN'
1 extra entry for follow me on TWITTER
1 extra entry for tweeting "I just entered CSN's giveaway with @anisaYO for a $40 promotional code, enter here:! GO GO GO!"

The giveaway will be going on until March 12 at 11:59PM

ENTER, ENTER, ENTER! I love each and every one of you lovelies :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been a while since I've done one of these, so much for consistency, oopsies! But it's better this way anyways, it's like a WHAM-POW-SURPRISE! You'll never even see it coming, it'll just be here, HA-HAAA! And honestly, who doesn't love surprises? I know I do, I love love love them! Just totally talked my way out of being a lazy fartbag. It's an awesome skill, what can I say?!

1. I like butter! On bread...well that's about it but it's scrumptious and makes my tummy happy happy happy!
2. I can trip over ANYTHING; flat cement, going up and down stairs, chair legs, my own two feet, anything. Try me, I've probably done it. NO SHAME, BRING IT ON!
3. My favorite flowers are orchids, tiger lilies, and yellow roses. Bring me some and I'll love you forevaaaz and EVAAAAZ.
4. I've gone through 2 phones in the matter of 4 weeks.When am I ever going to learn that drunk Anisa+cellular device=BAD BAD BAD IDEA!? Hopefully 3rd times the charm!
5. I don't know WHY I do this but I'm either too lazy to open my eyes fully or just dumb but I don't. So I always look high, constantly, ALL THE TIME. In pictures, in person, on skype, on the phone (teehee, KIDDING! Keeping you guys on your toes!) I am a student at Berkeley...I guess if the shoe fits! ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been freaking forever since I've attempted to be funny and relatable to my lovely readers, hey, it's a lot harder to be as hilarious as I am, and as reader friendly, GEEZ ;). Ohh and yeah, it's also time to start procrastinating once here we go! Here's my first attempt in 2011, be kind. Not, be brutal, be honest, be RUUFFFFgh (GET IT? ROUGH, GET IT? HAA!)!
1. Go shopping for others and only buying things for yourself. A happier you is good for the world, YEAH! Well that's what we tell ourselves anyways, talking yourself out of feeling guilty is a skill, a useful skill at best!

2. So you're strutting, strutting, do that sexy little look-over-the-shoulder, strutting, strutting, slip and fall. Yup, you've just boner killed all those who thought you were hot shit. You try to get up ASAP and brush it off as if it never happened, but trust me, someone always see. Them creepers. Moral: Don't try to look sexy, you will fall, and die (Kidding...well...half truth).

3. Wearing jeggings instead of jeans; it has the comfort of leggings but the look and feel of jeans. So what if jeggings stretch 20 times more than real, stiff, uncomfortably tight denim that make you feel fat, sad, bloated and want to cry? And so what if our favorite pair of jeans no longer pulls up over our huge badonkadonk (cry on the inside my dears, on the inside). JEGGINGS FTW!

4. Skipping class not because you're too busy doing something productive but because you simply don't want to walk there. Dude, campus is far. Even living in Unit 3, the closest dorm to campus, there are just days where the campus seems infinitely farther and basically unreachable. It's almost like the long lost island of the unicorns, minus the unicorns...which pretty much takes out all the awesomeness in it, much like school.

5. Pulling the sympathy card past its expiration date. Ok, we get it that you're sad that your hermit crab died. We're sad too; we were sad at the little funeral, at the memorial service, during those long nights where you went on and on about how much he really meant to you and how he was the only one that truly got you. It's been 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days and 30 minutes since he died. So cry a river, build a bridge and GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

6. Jammin' out to the oldies! Dust off those...tapes (what did we listen to in the 90s?) and pull out your Dream Street, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Aaron Carter, Jessica Simpson (Pre-fatty days. Sorry girl but you were SO hot! GET IT TOGETHER!) and sing to your hearts desire! (Doing this as I type!) Don't lie, I know you know every single lyric and pitch (I know I do, holla!), yeah you go you! You're totes the next American Idol sensation (maybe in the William Hung sense, remember him? Can't believe we share our BEAR pride together)!

7. Gaining your freshmen 15 from alcohol and only alcohol. Crazy right? Well all those games of beer pong, double shots, jello shots, jungle juice, shotgunning beers, and keg stands REALLY start to add up, especially since this is what is typically consumed in one night of partying (WOOT WOOT!). This just means you got to hit the dance floor harder! Pump up those legs, work out that booty, and remember what Ludacris so wisely said, "FACE DOWN, ASS UP!"

8. Investing in a good pair of yoga pants. Why? Not only are they super versatile; perfect for the gym or yoga and acceptable for large lecture halls, they're seriously comfortable, and they are mega booty enhancers. Yeah, I said it, yoga pants make your BUTT look GOOOOOOD and feel GOOOOOOD. They basically wrap around your badonk and showcase them off to the world like "HEY HEY LOOK AT MY AWESOME NICE ROUNDNESS!" Just watch out for those pesky panty lines, they will ruin any and all boners. Literally, figuratively and unfortunately.

9. Drinking on a Tuesday night. Who the fuck drinks on a school day right? Only in college is this sort of crazy "alcoholic" behavior ever acceptable, in fact it's encouraged and envied by many. And once you enter the "real" world they'll just straight up call you a psychotic raging alcoholic. So why not use it to your advantage? Got a lecture at 10 on Wednesday? Oh well, just make sure you have tons of water in the fridge and an alarm clock set, and then BOTTOMS UP!

10. Probably the most important question of your freshmen career: go to the invite or study for the midterm you have the next night? In my honest opinion, which we all know is the right one, go to the invite! The memories you'll make will outlast any and probably all knowledge you'll even retain from trying to study z-score tables and RMS error calculations! How can you be the only one who doesn't know who did what, or whom, and who wore what and they did that where? She drank HOW much? He barfed on her face? Come on! This is what college is all about! If you stay home, you'll probably be too distracted thinking about what's going down at the invite to even study. So go for it, do what the heart wants!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy belated Valentine's Day my lovelies! :) Aww shucks, each and every one of you are my valentine this yeah, awww yeah! So, as stated before, my floormates + Julie decided to celebrate v-day a day early by having a nice "classy" dinner at Cheesecake Factory in SF, might as well pile up on the carbs since we're alone anyways right? Totes!
I honestly don't know why we decided to wear heels to frolic around in the city (We obviously wanted to be badass motherfuckazzz! Or we attempted to be), but we did. Especially with my swollen ankle, I realized it was a bad idea the moment we hit the pavement in SF, shit. But we roughed it out, and appeared all glamourous and shit (more like tripping and sliding all over the place) while trying to wait out the 90 minute wait for a table of 8. Oy! But we did, well our poor stomaches barely did as we devoured the two basket of bread within 5 seconds upon sitting. Go fatties! The dinner was delicious, the conversations were memorable; the whole night was lovely, fun, and a little oh la laa! ;)
Monday morning, DUN DUN DUN, D-DAY (Domesday), I received two packages that just made my whole day a whole lot sweeter. My best friend, Josh from UCSD, sent me two boxes of thin mints (my fav!) just because he's the sweetest guy ever! They're delicious and happily in my tummy (or more likely, my ass) OH, OH, OH! I also got my giveaway package from Chelsea ver at Zipped, and it made me smile so big! Thank you two for making me super gushingly happy on such a day!
Later on that day, after all the dreadful classes and dribble drabble of rain, Julie and I opted for a sad approach to the whole day. Rather than a happy "LOOK WE'RE SO IN LUBBB CAUSE I HAZ BALLOONS AND CHOCOLATE AND WE KISSY KISSY" kind of ordeal, cause, well were not in a relationship, we went on a friendly date. We had dinner at Bongo Burger, which was super delicious and scrumptious and meaty, yum. After that we took a stroll down to Shattuck Cinema to watch Blue Valentines, which we heard would bring on the waterworks and we were ready to cry, cry, cry. And boy did we cry.
Blue Valentine was heartwrenchingly real and, as cynical as it may sound, it made me realize how lucky I am to be single. Coupledom just spells out DOME (HA, HA GET IT? I MADE A FUNNY IN A SAD SITUATION! GO ME!) to me at the moment. I couldn't possibly handle such a big THING in my little life right now. I'm just happy! I cried within the first 10 minutes and did not stop until the credits stopped rolling. I was in shock. My heart ached for them. My heart ached for me. My heart just ached. It was a brilliant movie to say the least, but not something I'd watch again anytime soon. Or ever.
sheer perfume bottle button up: thrifted ($5)
pink sparkly tank top: no idea
teal cardigan: f21
gray striped skirt: taiwan
tights: someone's (either mine or roomie's)
gray knee highs: f21
black button up booties: f21 ($27)
purple purse: thrifted ($3)

What did YOU do on Valentine's Day?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Minus NYC, replace it with Berkeley, minus sex, substitute with food, and you have my Saturday! After realizing that this would be the last sunny beautiful day in Berkeley for a good while as the rain will start pouring on Monday and stop indefinitely, we've decided to spend the day outside by going to the Berkeley Flea Market down by Ashby Bart. So I rounded up my floormates (man, I just realized how often I go out with my floormates. Dang, I need new friends asap! Any takers? I'm nice, I promise!) and we tra-laa-laaa-ed our way over there. 30 minutes of walking or so later, we arrive at the quant little flea market.

While it was small, there was definitely a certain je ne sais quoi about it; it was effortlessly very Berkeley. Perhaps it was the variety of vendors or the live street music that filled the air with rich dirty Berkeley culture that we've all grown to love, but whatever it was, it was amazing. There were all kind of goodies! From XXX DVDs for the naughty souls, to soul food trucks for the hungry souls, to belts for the cheapo inside all of us, to vintage photos for the hoarders, pretty much anything you could imagine and more for everyone and anyone.
My favorite was definitely the ring selection, hands down. THERE WAS SO MANY RINGS! I DIE! I seriously had to be dragged away kicking and screaming from each booth because I simply wanted to try on and buy EVERYTHING. My drug of choice are rings and my drug dealer is Berkeley. I need rehab because this ring addiction is getting way out of control. I ended up with only a pair of sunglasses that I believe are faux ray bans, oh well, they were only $5 and I can't be trusted with nice things since I have a track record of sitting on my sunglasses, oopsies. How does this relate to SATC? Well, in SATC 2, they also go shopping in a flea market...only the flea market was in Dubai. Berkeley, Dubai, CLOSE ENOUGH.
Afterwards, we went to see the Vagina Monologues ({ }) on campus. It was utterly spectacular. It was funny, heartwarming, hilarious, gut wrenching, and flippin' AMAZING. I mean, everyone else must have thought so too because it was sold out for all three days. Seriously, the cast was so great! They gave me chills; they made me laugh until I cried, made my heart ache and my eyes wet.
Despite the performance running about 3 hours, I thought it was worth every single second. Women should love and own their V-A-G-I-N-A-S, not be afraid or embarrassed by it! Come on, men always compare their penises and talk about their penises, and it's seen as crude or taboo to even bring up the "v-word." OH PLEASE, we're in the 21st century now, GROW UP! Live and let live! Sheesh! This is so very SATC, I mean, it was 3 hours of vaginas, sex, vaginas, and more sex, I know Samantha would be proud.
We scadaddled as fast as we could back to the dorms (it was freezing out, booo!) to do a little nail painting for our V-day dinner, then had a fatty-caloric-filled-feast at late night (custom-made pizzas, chili cheese fries, chicken rice bowl, brownies, and tater tots), and the grand finale, watched the latest jersey shore (guilty pleasure! And Ronnie, I hate you! DESPISE!), which was the perfect way to end such a girly-bonding day. Sounds like every recap night, morning after breakfast, and we're-here-to-help-you-get-it-together moments those chic SATC gals had themselves! I seriously love my floormates, they are the absolute best friends I could have ever made here. We compliment each other so well and we call each other out on our shit; we just make sense. I love them to pieces.
white tank top: stolen from roomie! (Gap)
nautical like skirt: charlotte russe ($20)
nude patent oxfords: urban outfitters ($20)
thick silver necklace: f21 (gift from cousin!)
faux ray bans: flea market! ($5)
blue jacket (it got cold when the sun set): taiwan

The most depressing, sad, pathetic, self-wallowing, suicidal holiday for singlings, like myself, is tomorrow; Valentine's Day. Okay, suicidal may be pushing it a teensy weensy itsy bit, but it is most definitely Singles Awareness Day, aka S.A.D., UHH...WAIT...UHHHH... Anyways, so yes, another lovey dovey rose petal and chocolate heart filled holiday for those lucky enough to be "happy and in love" (ew! gross! barf! just kidding!), and sad, dark, poopy day for us spinsters. In order to not feel so lonely and pathetic, My floormates and I have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by getting all dolled up and venturing into the city for a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Screw boys, who needs them when we have each other?! Now, that's very SATC of us if I may say so myself!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The weather is no longer beautiful. IT'S FREAKING COLD HURR, BRR! The last two days or so have been windy as craploids, I swear if I was carrying enough balloons (like a thousand) I'd totally fly away (Should've tried that, drats!) I miss the nice purty weather already, sigh, I guess it's starting to feel like REAL Berkeley weather (aww, pooey).
My lovely mood ran away with the sunshine which left me bummy and grumpy. Yesterday couldn't have gone worse; falling asleep in 2 out of 3 classes despite sleeping a full 5 hours the night before (that's a lot for me!), forgetting my BARE event's meeting location and waiting awkwardly for 10 whole minutes before running up the street to Cafe Strada, losing my dorm key on the way back to my dorm which costs $50 to replace (my closet is crying at the loss of a friend they never knew), my phone decides that it wants to be funny and black out whenever it wants, having 50+ pages of reading to do before 8AM today, and staying up until 4AM to only finish 1/4 of my reading . To sum it all up, it was a shit day. OH WELL, LIFE GOES ON.

Despite what the title may imply, I absolutely detest clowns. They're way more frightening than entertaining. But the mixture of plaid and POW red polka dots just screamed "BOZO THE CLOWN!" to me, in a tasteful way (right?) Wore this outfit for a day trip my floormates and I went on a while ago to do a little RRR at Emeryville. I did get a lot of stares that day...I honestly can't tell if it was a good or bad sign. I'll just assume it's because I looked like a modern clown, and clowns are pretty much like train wrecks; disturbing yet you just can't seem to look away.
It seems as if the question on every student's mind (or just Berkeley students) is whether or not to stay here over the summer. To take summer school or not, that is the question. I, myself, am in this dilemma and I wish I wasn't. Summer+school=ultimate fail. Oh gosh, I don't even know if I can handle it because I'm already a terrible student during the regular school year. I mean I'm currently sitting in my Children's Literature lecture and finishing up my blog post, oopsies! But it's okay because we're watching clips of different Peter Pan movies, sweet! Ahh, childhood how I've missed thee! Well, Peter Pan is kind of creepy to be honest. We were discussing the obvious sexual tension between Peter and Wendy in the most recent remake of the Peter Pan movie, UHHHHH....awkward much?!
sashimi plaidy tweedy blazer: thrifted ($1)
ra-ra-red polka dotted button up: gap via thrift store ($3)
levis cutoff: buffalos exchange ($7)
thigh high socks: f21 ($5)
pearls: collected from all over the place
vintage leather belt: thrifted ($5)
bow flats: taiwan

Monday, February 7, 2011


If you follow me on twitter, you're probably sick and tired about me going on and on about the beautiful weekend weather we were blessed with. And if you're not a follower, well, you should be heh! Anyways, so the weather was scrumptious and beautiful and gorgeous and lovely and sunny and perfect. I just can't gush about it enough, as we Norcal folks aren't used to such pretty weather this deep into winter (sadly, this is probably the dirty work of global warming...or not! Yeah, let's go with not! Ignorance FTW!)
I was in THE absolute best mood over the weekend for no reason whatsoever, and I loved it. I miss being happy for the sake of happiness. When did my happiness start depending on "things"? Not cool, not cool at all Anisa, SMH. I'm finally starting to do things for me, like going to the gym (what, I love it when my butt looks good!), eating healthier (all that pasta is going straight to making your butt bigger, not firmer, sigh), cleaning my dorm (it's immaculate right now, I wonder how long it'll last...), and a little shop therapy (I'm going ring crazy!). Sometimes being selfish is a good thing, I swear! Try it, a little happy never hurt anyone now, did it?
My outfit, to me, resembles that of a carefree happy hippy flower child. The naturalistic colors I donned, the white, oatmeal, brown and black, and the huge flower headband, were all very granola. And the owl necklace was pretty much the cherry on top. I told you all I was in a fantabulous mood, and it seems as though I'm definitely an emotional dresser (like an emotional eater minus the calories). I guess I'm really just THAT transparent.
I sit here anxiously counting down the minutes until one of my best friend shows up for a visit and I'M SO EXCITED! It's been far too long and I've missed her an enormous amount (like -------------------------- much times a million bajillion!) The sad part is that she lives but 30 minutes away from Cal but our schedules just clashes a bunch which makes any visit nearly impossible, boo! But we've planned a day of shopping, shopping and more shopping! My favorite! Cheers to good friends and shopping, hip hip hooray!
slouchy striped shirt: jacked from roomie! (f21)
white peasant skirt: hollister (DON'T JUDGE, I BOUGHT IT IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!)
black knee high socks: f21 ($4) I lost one sock doing laundry :(
brown ankle boots: urban outfitters ($20)
flower headband: f21
owl necklace: taiwan
light brown belt: thrifted ($5)
black ring: streets of Berkeley ($16)
turquoise ring: streets of Berkeley ($20)

OH YEAH! Shout out to the lovely Chelsea of Zipped, whose giveaway I just won, YAY! It totally made my BLAHHH Monday morning into a giddy silly happy one, thank you dear!

ALSO! A huge THANK YOU! to all my new followers, you lovelies make my heart swell with joy! :) I LOVE YOU ALL!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Okay, so maybe it's not the celebration of my blog's 100th anniversary but it's my 100th post, can I get a what what?! How do we even commemorate such a special occasion?! Beats me. The last couple months of blogging has been a wonderful experience, thank you all for supporting me and reading my random dribble drabble, I love you all! You guys are epicly amazing and if I could I'd send each and every one of you a rainbow cupcake with sparkly sprinkles on top! But I can't, so, a thank you and I love you will have to suffice!
This was an outfit I wore on Tuesday when the fog casted a drabby bland BLAHH color over our little town. In order to combat such weather, I decided to punch up my wardrobe by throwing on some vibrant in-your-face colors, like Snow White bitten red and Grimace from McDonalds purple (remember him? heh I should definitely become a nailpolish namer, I'm a natural at it!)
Mixing two distincitively different patterns was like a big fatty middle finger to all those silly "fashion rules" out there. Well, let me repeat my sentiment, FUCK YOU! I wear what I like and I like what I wear! (man, I'm supes deep, yo!)
This week has been a busy busy busy one, but in the best sense of the word! I was running around going from class to class from meeting to meeting; and I loved it all. So now, being a member of both BARE Magazine and Caliber Magazine, I feel so accomplished! I'm finally starting to integrate myself into the Berkeley community and it's already shaping up to be a better semester!
Today was BARE's first social with the staff, so we made our ways down to little ol' Cheeseboard to bond over the greatness that is delicious, cheap, pizzay goodness! And was it delicious! It was my first time there and I can't wait to go back already, ahhh the ingredients and preparation and NOM NOM NOM! Sitting in the median right next to a "DO NOT SIT ON MEDIAN" sign, with our pizzas in hand, playing telephone and discussing the future of fashion bloggers and what a deep fryer can deep fry, I had an amazing time with an amazing group of people who were amazingly well-dressed (I LOVE THE WORD AMAZING, SO WHAT?!) I can't wait to start brainstorming up ideas with these people for what is going to be the best issue of BARE yet!
My cankle is so prominent in this photo so I feel obligated to explain. I promise you I don't have permanent canks! A couple weeks ago, I was walking around in SF in 6 inch wedges and I tripped in the middle of Union Square, thus twisting my ankle :( So now I have this huge ass right ankle and my mother even banned me from those shoes, sigh. Double fail, don't judge me!

Again, I just wanted to thank everyone that has ever visited my blog, read my blog, commented on my blog, and followed my blog; you are all...well...AMAZING! Here's to another 100 posts, I love you lovelies :)