Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I took was technically called sleep but sleeping from 8AM-1PM can be considered either or. With my integrative biology midterm just around the day (aka tomorrow) I've been cramming like a fat kid at a candy buffet. Too bad it's not the same satisfaction, not even close. Can't wait for it to be Thursday at 3:30PM, maybe I'll start breathing again. In out, in out, I hope I can do this.

flowery dress: taiwan
vintage belt: thrifted
shiny oxfords: urban outfitters
Due to the insane cram session last night, I decided to wear something that was simple, ditzy and flowery, which shows my innate dream of frolicking in a field of little daisies without a single care in the world. That would be the day.

The second my midterm is over, I'm rewarding my self BIG! Grey combat boots and black thigh high flat boots, you shall be mine!

Monday, September 27, 2010


AND THE HEAT IN BERKELEY PERSISTS! I'm so ready for fall and yet it's starting to feel more like summer here, pfft. What can you do right? It's Monday again, time for another week, hopefully it's better than last week. Thursday is going to be killer, my first midterm, joy! The next four days will probably consist of me trying to study and not actually getting any work done, it seems to me that my study habits need a little brushing up. But otherwise, I'm starting to get into the swing of things here, and I'm starting to get more comfortable with it all. It's nice. This weekend consisted of thrifting! Which resulted in some interesting finds, stick around and you'll be sure to see them soon! Sunday was such a chill lazy day. There was an awesome free concert in the city (Plain White T's, Natasha Bedingfield, and Sara Barielles!!? OMG!) but I opted to sleep in (zzZZZzzzzzZZz!) and relax instead of joining in on the festivities. Good choice on my part. Totally R A D !

RAD shirt: taiwan
flowery summer dress: f21
tan sandals: wet seal
flower bracelet: f21

P.S. I've been trying to find a way to wear this cutoff shirt for months now, It's always too exposing or awkward. Finally, I've found a way to wear it without being an awkward penguin, so I'll consider this a success!

P.P.S. Sleeping at 5 AM is really not working out, my restless nights which consists of me facebooking, blogsurfing, and shopping is really starting to cut into my precious sleep. THIS NEEDS TO STOP ASAP!



EDITT//++ (5:00PM)
HAIR UP AND OFF OF MY NECK! IT IS JUST WAY TO HOT HERE! THIS IS BERKELEY FOR HEAVENS SAKES! It does give me another chance to wear my awesomely huge flower headband, teehee!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


"I like people who have a sense of individuality, I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that's natural and that's real."
-Marc Jacobs

(stolen from my floormate's wall of inspiration)
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Friday, September 24, 2010


Despite my depressing thoughts, tears, bitching, regrets, hatred, sadness and everything else that I've been feeling lately, it may seem that I'm a bitter pessimist. But I'm not, as difficult to believe as that may seem. I'm honestly an optimist at heart. I still believe in the beauty of the world and humanity. The world, even with all the ugliness and corruption, is really a magnificent and wonderful place. People, including me, never take the chance to really just stop and look around to fully appreciate the world for what it is, for everything it provides, and for giving us the chance to live. Same goes for people, believing that people are innately good makes me smile, even if it's not true. As naive as it may sound, I choose to believe that what's meant to happen, will happen and that everything happens for a reason. Without these beliefs, I don't know if I honestly could go on. Everything needs to put their faith in something; whether it's religion or anything at all. As long as you believe in something with all your heart I think that's all that matters. Just my three cents.
Double rainbows are such a sight to see :)


FRIDAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The day of celebration, the day of fun, the day of sleep, yay! With only one lecture today and a splendid blue sky clear of any and all clouds, my mood is slowly rising. Seeing Berkeley in such a happy and delicious mood makes me want to be in an equally amazing mood! My outfit reminds me of a boss Aztec woman who just went head to head with a python with her bare hands, and after many rounds she, obviously, succeeds in defeating the ugly creature! In celebration of such a triumph, she wears the skin of the python to warn all other pythons to watch out and that she's a BAMF! Yup, that's the reasoning behind my outfit, the shiny oxfords are purely decorative. My floormate commented on my outfit and said "it's very mismatched, how very hipster of you." Interesting concept...I'll take it as a compliment...right? Who knows.
My favorite part of going to lectures is just reading what people doodle when they're bored in class. Sometimes you get quite insightful things and sometimes they are just flat out funny. It makes lectures barely bearable.

aztec printed tank top: f21
snake printed high waisted shorts: macys
shiny silver oxfords that I scuffed already: urban outfitters
necklace: f21 (the lace bow was ALL me)
awkward poses: ME, ME ALL ME.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Because my IB class was cancelled (or I assumed it was due to the fire alarm...) I'm in a fantasically beautiful mood right now and I want to get the rest of you into such a mood, so here are some pictures of the cute and surprisingly hilarious Ryan Reynolds when he came to Berkeley!

His new movie "Buried" was actually an intensely good movie! Some people wondered how a movie that sets in a coffin and no where else could capture our interest for a good 90 minutes, and all I could say was "WATCH IT AND YOU'LL UNDERSTAND!" The movie made you laugh in all the right places, cringe in others, and even tear up (or in my case, cry). When the lights turned on, and the applause started, I was shaking from the impact of this movie. It was THAT good. This might be the breakout movie he's been hoping for!


In honor of the seven lecture notes I have to reread and catch up on (sleeping in class/spacing out/facebooking is starting to take a toll on me...oops), I've started my usual procrastination routine. First, I eat, then I eat some more. Once I get sick of eating (AKA get a tummyache) I venture out to the lounge and chit chat for a while. When I get bored, I facebook. Then I shop. A lot. Tonight I'm fixated by shoes! Ahh shoes, I love them all! Flats, sandals, boots, heels, pumps, I don't discriminate. For some reason, I've decided that I'm desperately in need of a nice pair of leopard pumps and if I don't find a pair soon, I'll simply die-ie-ieee! They are just so undeniably sexy and chic, oh la la! You can easily dress it up or dress it down (by know what I mean). I JUST NEED A PAIR IN MY LIFE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH WHIPPED CREAM AND A CHERRY ON TOP!
These are utterly perfect!!!! How delicious do they look? In the words of Christian Siriano, "FIERCE!!!" Too bad they're sold out at :(

My search for the perfect pair is far from over, thankfully the night is young and I have a lot of work I'm trying to ignore.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After a very sad, dark, overwhelming, suffocating, fattening, and depressing 2 days, the sun has finally decided to show its white face (cause it's white light HAHA, no that was a terrible joke, I don't know what I was thinking, astronomy is getting to me)! But anyways, there was DEFINITELY an extra spring in my step today, probably because of my awesomely legit sequined sneaks! I mean, HELLO!, they're sequined to the T and I got them for free from a friend, YAY FOR FREE THINGS! I also went to a BCBG & Ella Moss sample sale in I-House today, just for kicks. Looking through the racks of brand new heavily marked down designer clothes made me realize that I would MUCH rather be at a thrift store scouring for bargains. It just doesn't give me the same satisfaction, I was the only girl in there not freaking out about how cheap (examples: $60 for a bandage skirt, $40 for a top, $100 for a gown) everything was. I was unfazed and I don't really know why. I used to go completely COO COO for cheap designer digs, that was my thing! I didn't care what it was as long as it was designer. But now, eh ehhhh. Weird. Anyways, I promptly left and on my way back to my dorm, I saw Urban Outfitters, and I just HAD to take a little itsy bitsy peek inside. Lo and behold, I found glittery oxfords on sale! YAY FOR DEALS! I just couldn't help myself as I've been on a mission trying to find the perfect pair and here they were! It was a choice between black and it really wasn't much of a choice at all! Technically my astronomy class would have just ended...too bad my butt hasn't left this chair since my political science discussion. I'm in too good of a mood to waste it in class, so ta ta decal! See you next week! Thank god for technology and the internet, otherwise I'd be screwed and so so sooo behind!
I feel like I'm channeling an emo butterfly in this outfit. COOL!

black flowy top: stolen from cousin (f21)
sketchy skirt: f21
black knee highs: h&m
SEQUINED SNEAKS: hand me down (f21)
trio necklace: macys
awesome fishy face: priceless and imitableless

The new addition to my shoe family:

These are definitely JAZZY, SNAZZY, AND EVERYTHING -AZZY! They came without shoelaces so I decided to put laces in my shoes...hence SHOE LACES! AHAHAHAHA I'm such a comedian.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I studied for 4 1/2 hours last night with my favorite study buddy, pandora! Pandora invited people like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, and such, it was a lovely study party (minus the studying). So, stripes on stripes, yay or nay? I probably broke some "fashion rules" with this outfit, but fuck those rules. I WEAR WHAT I LIKE CAUSE IM A BAMF....AHAHAHAH KIDDING. I'm totally not. Hopefully I do well on my astronomy quiz, fingers crossed! Afterwards, we have a free screening of Ryan Reynold's new movie "Buried," with a special guest...RYAN REYNOLDS HIMSELF :O ! Let's hope I get into the screening too! Off to Crossroads trading company to do some homework for my decal, yay!

stripped dres worn as a shirt: taiwan
grey stripped skirt: taiwan
flowery necklace: target
grey belt: ross
black pointy flats: ross
grey bag: taiwan

Sunday, September 19, 2010


PART UNO: Home. I absolutely loved going home this weekend, it was exactly the remedy I needed. I ate like a fat pig who hasn't been fed in months and enjoyed every single calorie I inhaled. Since I moved into Berkeley, I never realized how much I will miss (and do miss) home. It wasn't until I went back to the homeland that the realization hit me, and it hit me hard. Home is so comfortable, so familiar, so warm, so yummy, and so...homey. So, because I brought home 2 weeks worth of laundry totaling up to 3 loads (thanks mom for washing and folding it all!) I didn't have much room to pack anything else. Thus, I had to make due with whatever I left behind (The reject clothing. Not! Just kidding, I love all my clothes equally!) For some reason, pastel was on my noggin, hence the pasteyness below! This is what I wore to a family bbq (the reason for my trek back home) and my was it windy that night.

yellow granny cardigan: heritage
lavender tank: old navy
LOVELOVELOVE shirt: pacsun
baby pink shorts: f21
sandals: wet seal
mickey mouse watch: disneyland!
tiffany & co watch: gift
hemp bracelet: laura! thankies snookums!
silly band (dinosaur! rawr!): gracias lena!

PHOTO CREDZ: my little bro, Benjamin! Even though I had to pay him the ridiculous price of $1 for these pictures, it's so nice having someone photograph you instead of relying on self-timer. I'm sure going to miss it.

PART DOS: Back in Berkeley, my second home! It's crazy how norton five feels like home already. When I'm in home #1 (Clayton), I just want to be back in home #2, and vice versa. It hasn't even been a month yet but I can't imagine not living in here already. It started drizzling today, the first sign of rain since we moved in! Ahh, it's days like this that makes me want to stay in and curl up in bed with a nice steamy cup of hot chocolate (or we can replace the hot chocolate with a cuddle buddy, either way works) and pop in a nice romantic film (preferably black and white). This sounds hella cliche but thats what this weather sets the mood for, a cute day indoors. On the other hand, I want to stand outside and twirl around indefinitely in the rain. That works for me too!

plaid shirt dress: ross
zipper tights: f21
bow flats: taiwan
grey belt: ross
chunky monkey necklace: f21

First college quiz tomorrow! AHHHH, I should probably catch up on my reading...which means I have to get started on chapter 1. I think a nap first would be for the best. Late night tonight? Maybe even 2/3 of an allnighter, let's see shall we?