Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So dead weak has descended upon us, GREAAAAAT. The week before finals, its basically "study until you're on the brinks of death" week. Coincidentally, it is also the most sun Berkeley has gotten in weeks...THIS HAS GOT TO BE SOME SORT OF A CONSPIRACY! It's like Berkeley is tempting us to give studying the middle finger and, instead, prance around memorial glade under the glorious sun and be HAPPY so we'll end up failing...well, you have NOT succeeded! HA! Not that I still won't fail but at least it'll be all my doing. I'm currently sitting in the dungeon (aka underground study lounge) trying to write a 10 page paper on the infamous...or rather really famous Britney Spears' meltdown of 2007...and I've actually gotten negative work done...literally, I just deleted everything (1 paragraph) that I've written. So instead of frolicking out in the sun, I've decided to blog my worries away! YEAH!
So the post title is the working title of my Britney paper, you dig? I dig! I wonder if I could actually keep it as it is...IT'S JUST SO FREAKIN' BRITALICIOUS! Yes, I went there, I added -LICIOUS, it's like I'm a 7th grader again, I SO WISH I WAS SO I DIDN'T HAVE TO WRITE THIS FREAKING PAPER. Rant over.
I'm no longer a baby bear once May 10th rolls around, it's definitely a bittersweet affair. It's true that I'm no longer the bottom of the totem pole, no longer the rut, but, in a way, I kind of loved being the little wittle baby in such a big school. It gave me a cushion for all the mistakes I've made in the past year. Now I no longer have that diaper, that protective sheet, I'm on my own and it's kind of a "make it or break it" moment. Let's see how year 2 goes shall we? Fingers crossed it's full of good friends, good classes, good memories, and good grades! HA! Okay, the last one may be pushing it but a girl can dream can't she?
So these pictures, these purty purty pictures are from the Work It, BARE Series by the ever so lovely, Brittany Curran who is also the Blog Editor of BARE blog and the other Work It, Berk series. This girl is SO talented folks, like SOOO talented! I don't know how she finds the time to update all her blogs, I only have one and I can never seem to squeeze it in, as sad as that sounds. I promise to work on it, especially over summer! I love making my little brobro my personal camera man, MUAHAHA! See you all once finals are over and I'm free as a bird! Well for like two weeks anyways and then summer classes start, THE PAIN NEVER ENDS!

sheer cheetah top: buffalos exchange ($10)
black jeggings: old navy ($19)
black button up booties: f21 ($30)
multi-stranded black necklace: f21 ($8)
photo creds: Brittany Curran!


  1. eeek! Your sheer leopard top is so cute! You should know I am a big fan of sheer and leopard things. Sooo, the two put together = perfect! And the fact that you got it for $10?? Let's shop together, please? Good luck finishing up school this semester! I remember how terrrrible it was for me during the last weeks of school to get anything done. I shut off and went into summer tanning mode. It was always way too pretty out in LA to get stuck inside studying. If I had to go back in time, I don't know if I could do it! I'm stuck in adult mode now! YIKES.


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  3. love your top!
    i know how you feels, I have 2 paper waiting to be finished before the final exam and it's driving me crazy. goodluck on your paper, tho :)

  4. BHAAH Is that really going to be your paper title? I hope it is! I know what you mean by dead week - I have seriously done nothing. And I have a 20 page paper due tomorrow at 3 PM. Dead week is so unproductive, it leaves no incentive to study cuz no one else is. And it has been so beautiful in Berkeley. I just want to go outside and play.

    I love these shots of you. You are so flippin cute, Anisa! I love how you're always so bubbly and smiley in photographs. And I agree, blog-upkeeping is super difficult. Idk how ANYONE blogs so often.

    BTW Did you go to the FAST Show? i didn't see you at all, so I was wondering if I missed you!

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  5. u look fab!! that top is amazing on u


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