Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is it. The last of my LA adventures, the end of the hoopla, the finale. TA DA! Let's begin.
Three girls, in LA, what to do, what to do?! We couldn't think of a better use of a day than to visit the holy bench that the amazing buttocks of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoe Deschanel (among with a million of other die hard romantic's) have graced. I gladly smothered my own ass all over the bench to soak up all and any essence of the two that is still left on the bench. Not going to lie, I died a little on the inside. Died in a good way, my heart swooned all over the place. I promise, nee, I SWEAR I'm not a stalker....I SWEAR!
A little photo sess later, we needed a caffeine fix to prep us for the little drive back and to warm us up because the sun in LA never came up that day and left us with nothing but wind. Little did we know that everything in downtown LA closes by 5PM. UHM WHAT?! Confused? Indeed. But we eventually found a cute little organic coffee shop by UCLA that had delicious desserts that flavor-danced all over my tongue. Yummmmmm!
vintage wallpaper-esque flowy top: H&M ($9)
vintage brown belt: thrifted ($5)
brown "explorer" skirt: taiwan ($3)
grey knee highs: target ($1)
mocassins: crossroads ($12)
chandelier-like necklace: f21 ($8)
vintage coach satchel: thrifted ($15)
The next day, our final day in LA, I HAD to make time to go to the Melrose Trading Post and I'm SOOO Happy I did! Let me just say, vintage heaven, OH DEAR LORD! Within 5 seconds of walking in we spotted a Rumi Neely look-a-like! I found gorgeous vintage items from leather bags to shabby chic furniture to leather boots! Everyone, boys and girls, there dressed amazingly well, I couldn't help but oogle and stare and drool (just a little). Sigh, I left my heart there and I need to return and retrieve it ASAP!
And that was it, the end of my six day trip in LA. I'm already starting to plan my next trip down!
photo cred for some photos: My bestie, Laura.


  1. Ahh Melrose Trading Post looks AMAZING!! I must go there when I visit LA next month~

  2. weeee you used some of my pics :D and we need to find a flea market like this back home dammit!

  3. The Melrose Trading Post looks like a dream come true! I need to go to one someday!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  4. Ahhhh jealous! Really want to go and sit on the 500 Days of Summer bench too :) And those market stalls look AMAZE! Particularly the shoes! I spy many pairs of worker boots... *swoon* You look gorgeous by the way - your outfit is amazing x x


    I totez just saw 500 Days of Summer. And then it's on your BLOG. This can't be a coincidence. I MUST MARY JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT ITS FATE.

    Also, wowzaaaa. Shopping looks amazingly fun.

    P.S. Can you do a vlog? Please? You seem like you'd be a fun vlogger!

  6. I love your outfit! Great style :)

    If you follow me and comment saying you did, I'll follow you back xoxo

  7. i still have never been to LA but your taunting images of thrift are making it hard to resist!

  8. im so jealous! i can't go thrifting in china :( but im really excited to visit taiwan. your skirt is really cute, and so is your outfit!


  9. Wow, the Melrose Trading Post looks so amazing- I have to go sometime! And you saw the real bench- so cool! I would totally be swooning too! ;)

    star-crossed smile

  10. WOW,love these shots!!!I wish to be there too!

  11. Wooah, look at all those shoes! :o That bench, so jealous!

  12. gah this makes me so excited to visit LA in october! but first I must meet YOU in august when I visit san fran! you look amazing girl! LOVE that skirt and necklace.


  13. love the name of your blog! lol!

    thanks for the sweet comment!! i've lived in la almost my whole life... and still have not visited that hilltop. such a beautiful photo! looks like la treated you well! :)

    take care, aimee
    diy blog:

  14. WOW this looks great and you guys look great. I think I need to go thrifting now haha :)

  15. the second i saw that first picture i was like OMG is that from (500) days of summer - i cant believe you went there very jealous! how did you even find that place??!


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